30 Pregnancy Journal Prompts for Expecting Parents

Pregnant mother writes in a journal while sitting on a couch. Underneath are the words "30 pregnancy journal prompts for expecting parents".

Journaling through pregnancy is a beautiful way to document a special, brief time. A pregnancy journal can even become a keepsake that you share with your child when they’re older. But staying consistent with journaling during pregnancy isn’t exactly easy. You may not have the time or energy to regularly document everything that’s happening. And that’s where pregnancy journal prompts come in!

When I first got pregnant, I started journaling about my feelings and experiences. I had the best intentions of journaling throughout my pregnancy, but fatigue and my to-do list got in the way, and my resolve to journal quickly fell away.

I would get behind, and then when I had the time and energy to actually journal, I felt like I had to catch up on every event I’d missed before I could write about the present. Instead, I ended up just not doing very much journaling.

I found that responding to a prompt released me from the (self-applied) pressure to record everything chronologically. Instead, when I had the energy to journal, I would choose one prompt, respond to it, and set my journal aside feeling fulfilled.

Eventually, I started creating my own list of pregnancy journal prompts – topics I knew I’d want to write about before having my baby. That list is what I’m sharing with you here!

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A pregnant woman responds to pregnancy journal prompts in a brown notebook while sitting on a couch with baby shoes and a teether next to her.

30 Pregnancy Journal Prompts

These pregnancy journal prompts can be used by either the pregnant person or their partner. Some are more geared toward the person who is pregnant, so if you are a supporting partner, you can either skip those prompts or reword them in a way that applies better to your experience.

I hope that these pregnancy journal prompts provide inspiration and help you record your experiences through this special time!

  1. When did you decide that you wanted to have a child or children?
  2. Describe the moment you found out you were pregnant.
  3. How did you tell your partner that you are pregnant?
  4. How did your family and friends react when you told them that you’re pregnant?
  5. What pregnancy symptoms have you experienced?
  6. How did you decide which OB-GYN or midwife you wanted to work with?
  7. What was your first OB-GYN or midwife appointment like?
  8. What changes have you noticed in your body so far?
  9. Is there a loved one who has passed on who you would like your child to know about? What will you tell your child about this person?
  10. What makes you most excited about becoming a parent?
  11. What has been difficult about being pregnant?
  12. If you have a birth plan, what is included in it?
  13. What do you think your partner will be like as a parent?
  14. What is the best pregnancy, birth, or parenting advice you’ve received?
  15. Describe your happiest pregnancy memory so far.
  16. Is there anything about parenting that you are anxious about?
  17. Where are you most excited to take your child to visit?
  18. Who has been the most supportive during your pregnancy?
  19. What parts of your childhood would you like your child/ren to experience? What parts would you like to do differently?
  20. What is something you’ve been grateful for during your pregnancy?
  21. What family traditions would you like to pass on to your children? Are there new traditions that you’d like to create?
  22. What children’s books are you excited to read to your little one?
  23. What have you learned about yourself since becoming pregnant? What have you learned about your partner?
  24. What songs do you want your child to grow up hearing?
  25. How do you wish others would support you during your pregnancy?
  26. Is there anything you need to eliminate from your life before the baby comes? Is there anything you’d like to start doing?
  27. What are three values that you want to teach to your child?
  28. Have you had any memorable pregnancy dreams?
  29. How are you preparing your home for your baby?
  30. What personality traits do you think you and your partner will pass on to your child?

Which pregnancy journal prompt do you plan to respond to first? Tell me in the comments!

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Pregnant mother writes in a journal while sitting on a couch. Above are the words "30 pregnancy journal prompts for expecting parents".

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