5 Calming Pregnancy Affirmations for a Mindful 40 Weeks

a pregnant woman meditating with her hands together in prayer next to the words "5 pregnancy affirmations for a mindful 40 weeks"

Pregnancy is so precious and often so busy. A time that should feel calm and introspective can sometimes become chaotic. When that happens, use these pregnancy affirmations as a tool to keep you grounded.

These 5 pregnancy affirmations correspond to some of the biggest doubts and fears that can come up when you’re pregnant. They provide powerful, positive statements to help you stay calm and connected when those doubts creep up.

Keep reading to find these pregnancy affirmations and learn how to use them!

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a pregnant woman meditating with her hands together in prayer above the words "5 pregnancy affirmations for a mindful 40 weeks"

What Is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you dispel negative thoughts. They can be helpful in the moment but become even more powerful when you repeat them regularly.

Affirmations are usually short, purposeful statements that are grounded in authenticity. They can help shift your thought patterns, build self-esteem, and replace negative self-talk.

How Do Pregnancy Affirmations Help?

For most of us, pregnancy is not exactly easy. Between our rapidly changing bodies and the pressure we feel to prepare for baby’s arrival, the 40ish weeks of expecting can feel like a whirlwind.

But there’s so much beauty in pregnancy, too. It’s a special time of anticipation and an opportunity to learn about ourselves.

Sometimes we just need a reminder that things are not as bad as they seem. And if they’re not so great today, they can get better tomorrow.

When life starts to get too busy or you feel disconnected from yourself, it’s time to pull out a pregnancy affirmation. These positive statements can bring you back to solid truths when you’re stuck in anxiety. They can bring you from a frantic place to one of calmness. 

How to Use Pregnancy Affirmations

These pregnancy affirmations will be much easier to reach for in times of struggle if you’re using them in times of peace.

Choose a pregnancy affirmation to meditate on every day. Or cycle through them, choosing a new one each day.

Once a pregnancy affirmation has found a place in your heart, it will come to your mind much more easily when you need it.

Try these methods for committing a pregnancy affirmation to heart:

  • Write a pregnancy affirmation on a sticky note. Put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day: on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, or your planner. Repeat the affirmation to yourself each time you see it.
  • Spend 5 minutes a day practicing a breathing exercise. With each breath, recite your chosen pregnancy affirmation in your mind.
  • Share your pregnancy affirmation/s with people in your support system so they can repeat them to you when you’re having a tough day.
  • If you notice thoughts that are coming from anxiety or negative self-talk, intentionally pause them. Then, consciously say a pregnancy affirmation to yourself to replace your previous thoughts.

5 Pregnancy Affirmations to Stay Grounded While You’re Expecting

The words "I was made for this," a pregnancy affirmation over a light blue background.

I was made for this.

Have you found yourself wrestling with self-doubt or anxiety during your pregnancy? Whether you’re having your first, second, or fifth child, you’re about to go through a big change and meet a tiny person who you’ll love for the rest of your life.

Remember: you were made for this. For this pregnancy, this life, this child. No matter what challenges come up along the way, you’re ready for this.

The words "My body knows exactly what it's doing" a pregnancy affirmation over a gold background.

My body knows exactly what it’s doing.

Pregnancy brings new sensations and physical experiences. We can react in fear to these new sensations, or we can use them to deepen our awareness and appreciation of our bodies.

I have been in awe of how my body knows what to do each step of the way during my pregnancy. Whether it’s increasing blood production, expanding my uterus, or sending me more thirst cues, my body knows exactly what it’s doing.

The words "I am the perfect parent for this child," a pregnancy affirmation over a teal background.

I am the perfect parent for this child.

One of the greatest worries for soon-to-be parents is that they will do a bad job of raising their child. But I truly believe that having this concern is a sign that you’ll be intentional about parenting your future child/children. And that is a major component of parenting well.

Try replacing that fear with the pregnancy affirmation, “I am the perfect parent for this child.” You already love your baby. They are a part of you, and you’re going to learn everything about them and respond to their needs. You are exactly the parent that your child belongs with.

The words "I am part of a community of mothers," a pregnancy affirmation over a pink background.

I am part of a community of mothers.

Although there’s so much excitement surrounding pregnancy, it can sometimes feel like a lonely time. While I’ve felt incredibly supported by my family and friends, there’s no one who I see on a daily basis who’s going through the same thing.

But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the way my relationship has already changed with the mothers in my life. Women I’ve known for years (even just over the internet) have been eager to usher me into this community of mothers, and there are new layers to our interactions.

I’m so grateful for the way they’ve answered every question I’ve asked on Instagram and shared encouragement with me. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket, and it has made me feel less alone.

The words "My pregnant body is strong a beautiful," a pregnancy affirmation over a light blue background.

My pregnant body is strong and beautiful.

Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. Some of them – like the fatigue and nausea – might make you feel weak or fragile. Other changes could mess with your self-esteem. 

But your body is achieving truly heroic tasks every day – growing bones, skin, hair – all of the parts that will make up your beautiful baby. And your body is making room for your little one as they grow.

So if you ever have a day when you’re struggling with the changes in your body, use this pregnancy affirmation to help you remember that your body is strong and beautiful.

Which pregnancy affirmation is speaking to you? Tell me in the comments!

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