7 Pregnant Mom Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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You know who deserves some extra appreciation this Valentine’s Day? Pregnant mamas, that’s who! But as special and deserving of recognition as expecting women are, we can be kind of difficult to shop for. But don’t fear – I’m here with a Pregnant Mom Valentine’s Gift Guide to steer you in the right direction!

Below you’ll find 7 Valentine’s gift ideas for pregnant mamas that are actually for her, not the baby (wink). They’re all pregnancy-friendly and will help her feel admired instead of like she’s missing out.

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the words "pregnant mom valentine's gift guide" surrounded by Valentine's gifts for expecting mamas

What Should You Buy a Pregnant Mom for Valentine’s Day?

The most important thing to consider when buying a gift for a pregnant mama is that the gift is actually for her – not for her baby. She may be pregnant, but she’s still her own person deserving of celebration. So save the baby gifts for the baby shower!

When choosing a pregnant mom Valentine’s gift, think about what she loved before pregnancy, what makes her feel good, and how to make pregnancy a little easier for her. Any gift that fits into one (or all!) of those categories is certain to make her smile!

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7 Pregnant Mom Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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1. Gold Initial Heart Necklace  

This gold initial heart necklace is the best gift for your pregnant wife or friend who already knows the name of her baby. Order the necklace with the baby’s first initial, and the expectant mama you know can wear it close to her heart.

product image for an oversized heart cardigan, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

2. Oversized Heart Cardigan  

This oversized heart cardigan is the perfect Valentine’s gift for a pregnant friend. The huge heart on the back just screams “Valentine’s Day!” And the beauty of a cardigan is that, no matter how much more her belly grows, your expectant loved one will be able to continue to wear it throughout her pregnancy.

product image for conversation heart bath bombs, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

3. Conversation Heart Bath Bombs

My weekly warm bath has been one of my greatest luxuries during my pregnancy. And I doubt that I’m alone in this among other pregnant mamas. Uplevel your friend’s bath experience by gifting her this set of conversation heart bath bombs (so cute!).

You can feel even better about giving this adorable Valentine’s gift to your pregnant loved one since it comes from a small business! They come in two scents, Love Spell and Raspberry Vanilla.

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product image for alcohol-free rose from Surely, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

4. Non-Alcoholic Rosé  

I generally haven’t found myself missing alcohol too much during pregnancy. Except, that is, on special occasions. Show your pregnant friend that you’re thinking of her by bringing this non-alcoholic rosé from Surely to your Galentine’s celebration. She’ll get to drink something fun and won’t feel left out when you’re all toasting each other’s friendship.

product image for pregnancy pillow, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

5. Pregnancy Pillow

There’s a reason you can find a pregnancy pillow in so many pregnant mamas’ homes – they’re divine. Honestly, I don’t know how I ever slept without one, and I don’t think I’ll stop even after I’ve given birth.

Give your pregnant wife or friend the very best hug with this pregnancy pillow (which is the one I have!). Every time she’s being cradled to sleep in its full U shape, she’ll think of you and how you considered what would make her pregnancy more comfortable. 

product image for silicone ring, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

6. Silicone Ring  

Depending on what point she’s at in her pregnancy, the pregnant mama in your life may not be able to wear her everyday rings anymore. Gift her this silicone ring in a size or two up from her usual ring size so she can keep wearing a ring! If you’re married, this is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your pregnant wife.

I love this particular ring because it mimics the look of an engagement ring and wedding band set. And it adds a little extra bling to the usual plain silicone ring look. You can order this ring in the same color as her wedding band or just choose her favorite color!

product image for ankle height UGG boots, a pregnant mom Valentine's gift idea

7. Ankle-Height UGGs

No matter how you feel about UGGs, you have to admit – they’re comfy. That’s exactly what the pregnant mama in your life needs, especially if her feet are sore or swollen. Since these UGGs only go up to ankle height, they’ll be much easier for her to pull on when she’s having trouble seeing her feet!

Which pregnant mom Valentine’s gift idea are you planning to use? Tell me in the comments!

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