About Mama Embodied

Welcome to Mama Embodied! This is a space for parents who are looking for a more mindful way of raising children.

Photo by Josh Willink
Photo by Josh Willink

If you believe that the well-being of your children starts with you, you’re in the right place.

If you know there’s good in the way previous generations of parents did things but you think that maybe, just maybe, things could be better – this is the space for you.

And if you’re walking through some tough parenting days and need advice and a soft place to land, you are welcome here.

About Emmi

I’m Emmi Scott, a yoga teacher, embodiment coach, and mama. I also come to this space as a former Special Educator with 20 years of childcare experience.

I created Mama Embodied out of my experiences with and passion for mindful, embodied living and childcare.

I believe that in order to care for our children well, we must also know ourselves deeply and learn how to manage our own emotions and reactions. Only in doing this can we offer our little ones our very best selves and help them discover their best selves, too.

At Mama Embodied, you can expect to find:

  • natural pregnancy tips, tricks, and remedies
  • birth stories and encouragement
  • parenting ideas and support
  • yoga, mindfulness, and embodiment practices
  • and more!

So warm up your coffee and stick around for a while. I hope you find what you need here!