What Is an Embodied Mama?

image of pregnant woman meditating over the text, "What is an embodied mama?"

Here at Mama Embodied, we’re all about approaching pregnancy, birth, and parenting with mindfulness and embodiment. At this point, most people are aware of mindfulness, but not everyone is familiar with embodiment. So what exactly is an embodied mama? [This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.] Embodiment 101 […]

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First Trimester Yoga Videos | The Best Classes for Early Pregnancy

Graphic that reads "The Best First Trimester Yoga Videos" over an image of a pregnant woman sitting in sukhasana pose.

Whether you’re an experienced yogini or just looking for some relief for your rapidly changing pregnant body, yoga is the perfect exercise to support you through your first trimester. While in-person prenatal yoga classes are amazing, they’re not accessible to everyone. But these first trimester yoga videos are ready and available whenever you need them! […]

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11 Positive Pregnancy Quotes | Free Phone Wallpapers

Over the background of a pregnant woman holding her belly is the title 11 Positive Pregnancy Quotes with Free Phone Wallpapers

Pregnancy is a magical, unique time. But it can also be difficult, discouraging, and downright gross. On the days when being prenatal feels most challenging, reading some positive pregnancy quotes can provide the encouragement you really need. Whether you’re pregnant with your first baby or your fifth, every expectant mama needs some reassurance and inspiration. […]

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Welcome to Mama Embodied!

Welcome to Mama Embodied! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Emmi, a yoga teacher and mama. Embodiment – my connection to my body and what it is telling me – is the greatest aim of my life. Mama Embodied is a space for all of us who desire to take an embodied approach to pregnancy, […]

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