Best Spring Children’s Books for Seasonal Learning

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Spring is one of my very favorite times of year! I live in the Midwest, and it’s so refreshing to feel the sun on my face and enjoy a cool breeze rather than a cold blast of air and a gloomy day. As I teach my daughter about seasonal living, I love to include picture books about spring in our reading rotation.

Keep reading to find my list of the best spring children’s books to teach your kiddos about this beautiful season!

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8 Best Picture Books About Spring

These are the best spring children’s books to read with your little ones and teach them to recognize seasonal changes.

1. Spring

This beautiful board book actually doesn’t have any words! But hear me out – even as a former literacy teacher, I love this concept. Each page is full of illustrated vignettes that depict experiences of spring, from spotting a rainbow after a storm to meeting baby animals. 

Without printed words, Spring becomes a conversational piece for you and your child. I love to sit with my baby and point out things that we’ve seen on our walks or describe springtime experiences she hasn’t had yet. The illustrations open up communication in a way that traditional picture books may not.

If you also love this concept, let me point you toward the 4-book bundle of all of Gerda Muller’s seasonal board books. We have this collection, and I love switching them out each season and paging through them with my daughter.

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2. Spring in the Forest

Spring in the Forest is another beautifully illustrated board book, this time with both pop-ups and lift-a-flaps! In this interactive story, you’ll follow a mama deer and her fawn through the woods as they interact with other animals and notice the signs of spring.

3. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring 

This picture book gorgeously depicts the transition from winter to spring through a story about a boy and his dog walking through the countryside. They say goodbye to winter and hello to spring while interacting with nature. The stunning illustrations get brighter and brighter as the book progresses to represent the progression from one season to the next.

4. Flora and the First Day of Spring

Part of the Wheel of the Year series from Moondust Press, Flora and the First Day of Spring is a rhyming story about the Equinox. When her activities don’t go according to plan, Flora at first gets frustrated but is then able to calm her body and mind. She makes the best of the situation and has a wonderful Spring Equinox celebration with her friends.

This series is wonderful for nature-based families who don’t necessarily celebrate conventional holidays and want picture books that align with their values and celebrations. In the back of each book are activities and spell ideas to help your family celebrate the wheel of the year.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring 

Continue the fun of Eric Carle’s classic voracious character with The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring. Illustrated in Carle’s signature style, the pictures have plenty of details for children to discover. This book focuses on the sensory experiences of spring, creating opportunities for you to discuss them with your little one.

6. Worm Weather 

Worm Weather perfectly portrays a rainy spring day and draws your attention to a creature we often forget about – the worm! Simple, rhythmic text makes this book fun to read aloud. Pull it off the shelf the next time it rains to remind your kids that even gloomy days can be fun.

7. Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up

In Busy Spring, two children discover how nature wakes up for this new season from their father in their own backyard. This picture book introduces children to the science behind spring. And after the story, there are illustrated guides to the spring behaviors of animals and plants for curious kiddos.

8. The Honeybee

The Honeybee tells the story of a hive of bees over the course of a year, from spring to spring. Follow along as the honeybees pollinate, make honey, and gather within the hive. The poetically written story and vibrant illustrations will give both you and your children a new appreciation for bees.

Which spring children’s books are you excited to read to your kids this year? Share in the comments!

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