How to Find Free Baby Gear

mom feeding a baby sitting in a high chair next to words "how to find free baby gear"

Even if you’re trying to stay minimal with gear for your baby, the truth is that babies require a lot of stuff. Some of the things that are considered essential for babies in our society are actually unnecessary. But even the necessities start to add up, budget-wise. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to find […]

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Why Do Nordic Babies Nap Outside – Even in Winter?

photo of baby sleeping in stroller over words "Why Do Nordic Babies Nap Outside - Even in Winter?"

Recently, I’ve seen some Reels and TikToks about how Nordic babies nap outside, even during their famously cold winters. I was intrigued by this sleeping practice, which I’d never seen promoted in the United States, and decided to investigate. So why do Nordic babies take their naps outside? (This post contains affiliate links. Click here […]

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