10 Adorable Children’s Yoga Gifts

The words "10 adorable children's yoga gifts" above an image of a young girl practicing yoga on a purple mat

A childhood yoga practice is a special gift we can give our kids. But what is the best way to get them started with yoga? While you obviously don’t need any material things for a yoga practice, having some teaching tools can pique your child’s interest. Check out these 10 children’s yoga gifts to help […]

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What Is Embodiment?

A woman wearing a body suit smiles and dances above the words "What Is Embodiment?"

Embodiment is kind of a buzzword these days. Brené Brown recently discussed it in Atlas of the Heart, and there are even scientific studies around embodiment, language, and psychology. But what actually is embodiment? And how do you become embodied? (This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read our disclaimer.) EMBODIMENT 101 Embodiment means […]

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