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Whether you’re an experienced yogini or just looking for some relief for your rapidly changing pregnant body, yoga is the perfect exercise to support you through your first trimester. While in-person prenatal yoga classes are amazing, they’re not accessible to everyone. But these first trimester yoga videos are ready and available whenever you need them!

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has a variety of benefits. Not only does it have a relaxing effect, it’s also a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy with its aspects of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Some additional benefits of prenatal yoga include:

  • improved sleep – so important during the first trimester haze
  • stress reduction
  • easing morning sickness
  • improved digestion – absolutely necessary since progesterone slows everything down!
  • reduced headaches and tension
  • improved circulation and reduction in swelling and inflammation
  • toning of muscles used for labor and birth – it’s never too early to start preparing

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With all of the aches, pains, and uncomfortable changes that happen in your body in the first trimester of pregnancy, yoga serves as a remedy for most of it!

Whether your hips or tight or your digestion is slow, a first trimester yoga class may be just what you need to feel your best.

What to Expect in First Trimester Yoga Classes

First trimester yoga classes will likely look a lot like a regular yoga class. This is because the shape of your body hasn’t changed too much yet.

Most yoga classes include:

  • deep breathing
  • warm-up poses
  • an extended “flow” of poses that link together and develop your strength, balance and flexibility
  • cool down poses
  • savasana, a resting period

However, the layout of a yoga class might change depending on the style of yoga you choose. Based on your needs and skill level, great early pregnancy yoga styles could include vinyasa, slow flow, restorative, or chair yoga.

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A great first trimester yoga class will provide both physical and mental benefits. You can expect to build strength, increase your flexibility, improve balance, and release physical tension. Some physical benefits you’ll find in a first trimester yoga class might include feeling calmer and more centered, grounded, and present.

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Poses to Avoid in Early Pregnancy Yoga

Since it’s still so early in your pregnancy, there aren’t many yoga poses that you need to avoid yet. Later on, you’ll need to make considerations for things like the vena cava and your growing belly.

For now, stay aware of your lower belly and avoid any poses that could put too much pressure on it. Stay away from twists that involve constricting your lower belly. Instead, try twisting from your mid back and shoulders.

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Additionally, unless you already have a regular inversion practice, it’s best to save any goals of getting upside-down until after your pregnancy because of the increased risk of head, neck, and back injuries. Headstand and shoulder stand will still be there after your postpartum recovery!

As with most things during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to check in with your healthcare provider before beginning a prenatal yoga practice, especially if you’re brand-new to yoga.

3 Great First Trimester Yoga Videos

These three first trimester yoga videos provide different benefits and styles. All would be a great addition to your early pregnancy workout routine.

1. 15-Minute Prenatal Yoga for the First Trimester | Brittany Bryden

This 15-minute practice from Brittany Bryden focuses on the hips, which – at least for me – were extremely tight during my first trimester. Not only does this yoga class offer some yoga body relief, I can also vouch for its helpfulness with digestion. If you’re struggling with pregnancy constipation, this yoga video is for you.

2. 18-Minute Prenatal Yoga for the First Trimester | Live Fertile

If you’re looking for a first trimester yoga class that will help you to drop into your body and work on gentle strengthening, I highly recommend this 18-minute practice. This class is perfect for pregnant mamas who are just starting their yoga journey because it takes a slower pace, allowing you to get comfortable with the poses while providing an appropriate level of challenge.

3. 25-Minute Yoga for Pregnancy in the First Trimester | Kukoon Yoga

This longer first trimester yoga video will lead you through a flow to open and soften the physical body. You’ll also learn a pranayama technique called connection breath that will help you to connect to your core and strengthen your pelvic floor, both of which are important to start practicing early in pregnancy. And the gorgeous river and mountain scene only adds to the calming ambience of the video.

Which first trimester yoga video is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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