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There’s so much to keep track of during pregnancy. Every little change becomes more important when you’re growing a baby. Keeping track of all of this information can feel overwhelming sometimes. So I’ve created some free printable pregnancy journal pages to share with you!

This free healthy pregnancy tracker has space for all of your important data – symptoms, nutrition, movement, emotions, and more!

Keep reading to get your free printable pregnancy journal pages and download them today.

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Why Should You Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

Keeping a pregnancy journal can provide several benefits – some practical and some sentimental:

  • Processing Your Feelings – There’s a lot to take in during pregnancy, and your body and hormones are constantly changing. Having a consistent place to record your thoughts and feelings can help you to process them and notice if something is really bothering you or if it’s fleeting and you can let it go.
  • Recording Memories – Since things change so quickly during the nine months you’re pregnant, writing in a pregnancy journal is a great way to capture memories that otherwise might get lost in the mayhem. One day, you and your child can look back on your pregnancy journal together and talk about all of the special things that happened when they were in your womb.
  • Collecting Data – Tracking your pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, sleep quality, etc. can help you pick up on patterns and potentially solve problems before they develop too far. Having this information written down in your printable pregnancy planner can increase your confidence that it’s accurate and you’re not misremembering what you’ve experienced.
  • Sharing Information – You can share the data you collect in your pregnancy tracker with your partner, healthcare provider, and other key players in your pregnancy journey.

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pregnant woman cradling her belly and writing in her free printable pregnancy journal pages

Pregnancy Tracking Privacy

I originally wanted to track my pregnancy symptoms with an app, but I struggled to find a pregnancy tracking app that doesn’t sell users’ data.

Since this isn’t just my health information anymore – it’s also my child’s – I felt reluctant even more reluctant than usual to input our data into an app that might sell it.

I did end up downloading Preglife, a Nordic pregnancy app, so I could follow along with my pregnancy week-by-week. The app has a ton of helpful information and is notable as the only pregnancy app I found that never shares any user data (Let me know if you’ve found another!). 

But while the app has a Diary tab, I prefer recording my info in more of a tracker-style journal with categories for each day. And to be honest, I like the act of actually writing things down by hand. I feel that it helps me process better, and I already spend plenty of time on my phone, so having a hands-on option is better for me.

Since I couldn’t find an app I felt I could trust, I decided to make my own printable pregnancy journal pages. And I’m happy to share them with you!

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Download Your Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Pages

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This free download includes a two-sided daily pregnancy tracker. It provides spaces to track:

  • sleep
  • pregnancy symptoms
  • food
  • movement & exercise
  • mood
  • water intake
  • and more!


  1. Enter your email address to get your free pregnancy journaling pages.
  2. Print the pages out in color or grayscale. Print enough copies for a week or month at a time – or even enough for your whole pregnancy!
  3. Set time aside each day to fill out your pregnancy journal pages. Keep them together in a folder or binder.

Looking for other free printables? Check out my Free High-Contrast Cards for Newborns.

Other Pregnancy Journal Options

If you’d rather purchase a premade journal to use during your pregnancy, here are some great options:

40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

This pregnancy journal has adorable graphics and includes spots for photos, weekly notes, and fun prompts.

The Healthy Pregnancy Journal

Part-journal, part-pregnancy book, The Healthy Pregnancy Journal provides space for you to record your pregnancy experience while guiding you through the journey week-by-week.

What are you most looking forward to tracking with your pregnancy journal pages? Tell me in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my own pregnancy journal?

There are many ways to make your own pregnancy journal. One idea is to just use a blank journal that you set aside to write in only during your pregnancy. You can also find a free pregnancy journal printable, like the one in this article, and print out enough to write in throughout your pregnancy.

When should I start my pregnancy journal?

You can start your pregnancy journal as soon as you find out you’re pregnant! So many special and important memories happen early on, like how you felt when you saw that positive test result or how your partner reacted to the news. It can also be helpful to start recording your symptoms early (as well as any questions you have!) so you can share them with your healthcare provider from your very first appointment.

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