The Best Second Trimester Prenatal Yoga Videos

pregnant woman practicing pigeon pose outdoors in front of the water above the words "the best second trimester prenatal yoga videos"

The second trimester of pregnancy is when you really see your body start to change. Your belly starts to get bigger, and your joints and ligaments loosen. You might be uncomfortable and looking for relief, but you want to make sure that you’re doing it safely. These second trimester prenatal yoga videos can help with both of those concerns!

Keep reading for the best second trimester prenatal yoga videos and to learn what you should consider when practicing yoga for pregnancy in your second trimester!

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pregnant woman practicing pigeon pose outdoors in front of the water above the words "the best second trimester prenatal yoga videos"

Prenatal Yoga for Your Second Trimester

Prenatal yoga can provide relief for many of your pregnancy pains during the second trimester. 

Around week 24 of my pregnancy, I felt the joints and ligaments in my pelvis loosen. I experienced a lot of lower back pain as my back muscles tried to compensate for that lost support. Practicing prenatal yoga was one of the only things that brought me relief and actually kept the back pain away.

Here are some other benefits of practicing prenatal yoga in the second trimester:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • nausea relief
  • better sleep
  • increased stability and balance
  • improved digestion
  • reduced headaches
  • improved circulation, leading to a reduction in swelling and inflammation
  • preparation of the muscles you’ll use for labor and childbirth

And these are in addition to all of the usual benefits you’d receive from practicing yoga!

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pregnant woman practicing yoga outdoors above the words "the best second trimester prenatal yoga videos"

Pregnancy Yoga Poses to Avoid in Your Second Trimester

Lots of physical changes happen in your second trimester. One of the biggest is that the hormone relaxin causes your joints and ligaments to loosen.

This change prepares your body for childbirth, and it can also make you feel more flexible. That might be exciting, especially if you’re a long-time yogini. But be careful not to overstretch and potentially injure yourself! Your body has enough going on without a pulled tendon, mama.

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Here are some other considerations to make during your second trimester prenatal yoga routine:

  • Be mindful. Listening to your body is of the utmost importance when practicing prenatal yoga. A pose that might feel fine one day could be painful the next. A sequence you think you should be able to do might not be in the cards. Make sure you listen to what your body is telling you so that you don’t push yourself past the point of safety.
  • It’s not all physical. With the above in mind, don’t forget that asana, the physical practice of yoga, is only one of eight limbs of yoga! There’s so much more to practicing yoga than nailing a tricky balancing pose. If the physical practice of yoga is feeling overly challenging, try putting your time and effort into meditation and reading about yogic philosophy.
  • Some poses should be avoided. As you move through your second trimester, you’ll want to start avoiding some yoga poses to keep yourself and your baby safe. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, and some very experienced yogis may be able to continue practicing some of these poses. In general, avoid these yoga poses during your second trimester:
    • inversions (unless you’re very experienced)
    • intense twists and backbends
    • lying on your back for too long (it restricts the vena cava and can cause a drop in blood pressure for you and a drop in blood oxygen content for both you and your baby)
    • hot yoga

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pregnant woman practicing yoga on a birth ball in a living room above the words "the best second trimester prenatal yoga videos"

The Best Second Trimester Prenatal Yoga Videos

While I love an in-person prenatal yoga class, sometimes you just need to practice pregnancy yoga at home. These second trimester prenatal yoga videos all provide something a little different, depending on what you need today.

1. Second Trimester Prenatal Yoga | Live Fertile

Length: 20 minutes

My aching second-trimester bod soaked up this class from Kendra Tolbert of Live Fertile. Just the week before, I felt the joints in my pelvis loosen, and I was looking for relief. Kendra’s class provided it! This class is beginner-friendly with lots of intentional movement and placement of your body. Having a bolster will be helpful – this one is my favorite!

2. Standing Prenatal Yoga Flow | Brittany Bryden

Length: 11 minutes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of my second trimester sitting, as I get tired easily, and my body needs extra support. This standing flow from Brittany Bryden was the perfect thing to get me up and moving, while not being so long that I felt taxed at the end of the practice. The practice included lots of hip opening and shoulder stretches, which I definitely needed at this point in my pregnancy!

3. Yoga for Pregnancy in the Second Trimester | Kukoon Yoga

Length: 30 minutes

If you’ve found yourself really craving movement, this video from Kukoon yoga is for you! This active practice includes both standing and floor sequences. While this class is dynamic, it’s also safe and supportive, and it will get both your physical body and inner energy moving.

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Which second trimester yoga video is most helpful for you? Let me know in the comments!

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