Welcome to Mama Embodied!

pregnant woman in rust colored dress stands in a field holding her belly
Photo by Jonathan Borba

Welcome to Mama Embodied! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Emmi, a yoga teacher and mama. Embodiment – my connection to my body and what it is telling me – is the greatest aim of my life.

Mama Embodied is a space for all of us who desire to take an embodied approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

When we’re connected to ourselves, we can connect more deeply with the ones we love. When we hear and understand what our body is telling us, we can be more aware of our reactions and motivations, helping us to become more mindful parents, partners, and friends.

Here at Mama Embodied, you’ll find a judgment-free space to find and share info on conscious, embodied pregnancy, birth, and parenting. This is not about doing parenting “perfectly”. It’s about finding the resources to do the best we can and improve as we go.

No matter what stage you’re in – starting to think about parenting, trying to conceive, pregnant, or actively parenting – you’re welcome here!

Introduce yourself! Tell me who you are, where you’re from, and what stage of the parenting journey you’re in.

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