What Is Embodiment?

A woman wearing a body suit smiles and dances above the words "What Is Embodiment?"

Embodiment is kind of a buzzword these days. Brené Brown recently discussed it in Atlas of the Heart, and there are even scientific studies around embodiment, language, and psychology.

But what actually is embodiment? And how do you become embodied?

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A woman wearing a body suit smiles and dances above the words "What Is Embodiment?"


Embodiment means being deeply connected to your physical sensations and aware of the present moment.

Embodiment philosophy says that a mind-body connection exists, and our cognition is affected by our experiences in the physical world. While the brain guides our interactions with the world, those interactions are mediated by the body.

In practice, those who promote embodiment believe that our bodies have important wisdom to share with us and that if we learn how to listen to it, that wisdom can help us make the best decisions for ourselves and our lives – whether they’re big or small.

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Think about it – Have you ever ignored a “gut feeling” in response to a request from someone else and said “yes” to a commitment that you ended up regretting? There are countless possible reasons your brain didn’t encourage you to turn down that request in the moment (stress, desire to please, just thought about the pros and not the cons). But your body knew how you felt and was telling you, “Don’t do it!” 

When you strengthen your mind-body connection and you’re able to pay attention to and honor those physical reactions, you can make better decisions for yourself – whether it’s knowing if you want to say yes or no to a commitment, discerning what would help you feel better during a distressing moment, or understanding (and possibly removing) a trigger.

A woman smiles and bends her arms above her head above the words "What Is Embodiment?"


What I think is equally as important is how strengthening our mind-body connection in turn strengthens our connections to other people. When we’re disconnected from ourselves, we’re often either really reactive or just shut down, and both of those things can harm our relationships and be confusing to the people we love.

When we’re tapping into the wisdom of our bodies, we can start to recognize when we’re going to react in those ways and make changes. We can also communicate with the people who love us about the ways they can support us because we now understand what those are.

There are so many benefits to exploring and practicing embodiment, and I’m really glad that you’re here to explore it with me.

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Embodiment takes practice.

Building an awareness of your body and what it’s telling you doesn’t happen overnight.

But there are practices that can help you build embodiment over time, like:

  • yoga
  • breathwork
  • visualization
  • mindful eating
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • dance therapy


If you’re ready to explore embodiment, let me be your guide!

My 5-week program, Embodied, is yoga-inspired and designed to help you connect with your body to transform your life.

By the end of your 5 weeks in Embodied, you will learn to:

  • gain control over your emotions and reactions
  • strengthen your mind-body connection
  • tap into the wisdom your body has to share with you so you feel grounded and confident in all of your decisions, big and small

Are you ready to get Embodied?

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